Metal Web Joists  (also known as open web) are Parrellel cord trusses manufactured in quality controlled factory conditions to precise specification using C24 softwood cords plated together with precision engineered metal webs, at Sussex Timber Frame we offer these as a specification upgrade on request, as with I-Beams they hold many advantages over softwood joists including:

  • Quality Assured/ BBA & BM TRADA Certified
  • Easy installation of services through open webs, eliminating the need for drilling providing labour savings.
  • Manufactured in quality controlled factory conditions
  • Greater Load Bearing Capacity therefore Achieve greater spans thus reducing requirement for load bearing internal walls, therefore increasing the layout flexibility.
  • Low moisture content preventing shrinkage, twisting and bowing therefore providing a silent floor with no squeaks
  • Open web allows for strongback bracing to be installed connecting all joists and therefore reducing vibration, also preventing lateral movement.
  • Fully complies with Robust Details
  • BBA Certified
  • BM TRADA Q Mark Certified

We can also supply Metal Web Joist packages including rim beams, structural beams and flooring for brick and block structures.


Please contact us for further information and technical details.